Weekend Away 14-18 March 2003

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Third year at Lendrick Muir for our annual weekend away, the images from the weekend will be added shortly (however I didn't take as many as usual so if anyone would like to donate their snaps please let me have them).

All of the powerpoint slides that Colin Sinclair used for the weekend have been made available below there are three formats for you to choose from but each file contains identical information....

overheads.pdf 31KB - need Adobe Acrobat reader to view
overheads.ppt 79KB - need MS Powerpoint or powerpoint viewer
overheads.rtf 56KB - most word processors will read RTF format
Audio Files:

Each of Colin's talks was recorded (plus the visions/pictures given to people at the Communion service on Sunday morning) if you have a high speed connection these mp3 files should be of use, otherwise all talks are available on tape in the normal way - see the notice sheet for details.

intro.mp3 short introduction to the themes of the weekend from Friday evening 15.03min 2.6Mb
session1.mp3 Saturday am - Who do you live for? Yourself or Jesus? Phil Ch 1 32.04min 5.7Mb
sesstion2.mp3 Saturday pm - Who do you love most? Yourself or others? Phil Ch 2 31.47min 5.6Mb
session3.mp3 Saturday eve - Who drives you? Yourself or Jesus? Phil Ch 3 35.32min 6.2Mb
session4.mp3 Sunday am - Where does your strength come from? Yourself or Jesus? Phil Ch 4 39.07min 6.9Mb
pictures.mp3 Sunday am - pictures given during communion service & ministry time. 5.57min 1Mb
anna-jo01.jpg ladies-drag05.jpg ladies-drag06.jpg ladies-drag14.jpg ladies-drag20.jpg ladies-drag27.jpg ladies-drag28.jpg ladies-drag30.jpg
leaving01.jpg leaving02.jpg leaving03.jpg we03-01.jpg we03-02.jpg we03-film01.jpg we03-late01.jpg we03-late03.jpg
we03-late04.jpg we03-late05.jpg we03-late07.jpg we03-late08.jpg we03-late09.jpg we03-late10.jpg we03-mark01.jpg we03-sateve01.jpg
we03-satpm01.jpg we03-sun01.jpg we03-sun03.jpg we03-sun04.jpg we03-sun05.jpg we03-sun06.jpg we03-sun07.jpg we03-sun08.jpg
we03-sun09.jpg we03-sun10.jpg we03-sun11.jpg we03-sun12.jpg we03-sun13.jpg

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