Easter River 2001



The River was a monthly exploration of worship using various styles and media. Some years ago it could have been classed firmly as "Alternative Worship" however we would like to see it more as "not yet fully mainstream worship". The River started in January 2001and ran through to Easter 2003. After a break over the summer we introduced the monthly DEEPER service on Sunday evenings using many of the lessons learned through the River experience. So it is true to say that the worship elements learned at the River were incorporated into mainstreem worship services at St Silas.

"The River is a safe place to explore worship
The River may be a quiet introspective evening
The River may be guided upbeat modern worship"

An interview with Jenny after the first River
Some rantings from about the use of images in worship
Our record of what we have done at each River so far
Some links to others doing this sort of thing

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