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There is a general discussion list which we would encourage all those who regularly attend to subscribe to as well as a number of specialised lists for specific areas of the church life. To join the main list send a message to

About Email Lists... An email list is a way of sending email to a group of people without having to know everyone's email address. Once you join the list, any email you send to the list address is received by everyone else on the list, similarly you will receive every message sent to the list by anyone else. If you think of a normal email being a private conversation between two people this list is like taking part in a conversation in a room full of people.

The general list has been running for some time now and we have regular contributions, such as:

  • The notice sheet is sent out in plain text format every Friday.
  • Updates on some things going on in the background of the churches life.
  • (Non-sensitive) prayer requests.
  • Requests for help.
  • Various discussions about worship

It is also hoped that this will be a way of folk new to the church to get to know others by attending things that you hear about here or by asking questions and getting involved in an on-line discussion.



The Rules... We try to avoid 'rules' in favour of 'mutual respect' not causing offence or arguments. The list is however 'moderated' by a small group of people with the ability to remove people if necessary. We have also found over the years that it is preferable if the following subjects are avoided as they are unsuitable for this forum.... Virus warnings - warnings of scams - warnings of hoaxes - chain email of any kind - joke emails (not because we don't have a sense of humour but because they tend to grow out of control and can be a pain for those who download from home).

The lists are all hosted for free by yahoo groups the service also includes:

Chat space: if you would like to meet up for a chat with other members of the group.
Files: A place to swap files of any kind or share then with others.
Polls: for on-line voting, although we wouldn't like to encourage votes on 'best preacher', etc.

On the down side, this free service does attach adverts to messages, but we have found that this is not too intrusive.

To join the lists either visit the list's home page or send a blank email to the subscription address. If you join via the web page there are some additional settings that you might find useful, but the email subscription is only a click and a send away, so it is up to you. Membership of each list is moderated so it can take a couple of days for someone to remember to check. If there are any problems with this then email this address to speed things up.
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This is the general discussion list that we encourage all those who attend to take part in - sign up now!!! There are also email lists for music, worship leaders and the youth group. However these are only available to those involved in those areas of the church life.


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