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Looking for answers? The Alpha course is an opportunity for anyone to explore the Christian faith in a relaxed, non-threatening manner over ten, thought-provoking weekly sessions.

What's involved? The Alpha course consists of a series of talks looking at topics such as "Who is Jesus?" and "Why and how do I pray?".


Our next Alpha Course starts January 2005

Each evening begins with a meal from 7pm and includes a talk and an opportunity to meet in small groups for discussion. All meetings will take place at St Silas on consecutive Wednesdays. If you are interested in joining us it would help if you could contact Rosemary Lever (especially helps with the catering).

We look forward to meeting you.

St Silas Church,
69 Park Road, Woodlands,
Glasgow, G4 9JD

0141 337 2276 (map here)

January 5th : ? Supper
January 12th : Who is Jesus?
January 19th : Why did Jesus Die?
January 26th : How can I be Sure of my Faith?
February 2nd Why and How should I read the Bible?
February 9th: Why and How should I Pray?
February 16th How does God Guide us?
February 19th-21st The Holy Spirit Weekend
February 26th How Can I Resist Evil?
March 2nd: Why and How should we Tell Others?
March 9th Does God Heal Today?
March 16th : What about the Church?

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